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How to find an agent for your child

Finding an agent for your budding actor or model is not as hard as you think. Some parents just don't know where to start and that alone can be daunting and down right intimidating. An agent's job is to procure the right job for their talent ( your child) so most are open to meeting new, fresh faces to represent their agency. Over the years I have had lots of experience with agents professionally and personally. First, you need to do a little research to find the right agent...and I don't mean one you pay just to get your child in the door. I'm talking about real Hollywood agencies that don't get paid until your child books a job. Try a google search like 'top 10 acting agencies in Los Angeles or Hollywood. When you find those agencies, look them up and do your research! Find out their submission process, this is important because most agencies have gone 'GREEN', gone are the days of mass mailing head shots and zed cards. So what next after you've done your homework? You'll have to wait for my next post! #howtofindanagent #mykidwantstoact #howto #acting #hollywoodagent #kidmodels #childactor #younghollywood #laagents #headshots #findinganagent #children #voiceover #commercials #television #actor #actress

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